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Thursday, January 12, 2012

W2k8r2-HV and VPC installs

The install on HyperV went swimmingly.  I used all defaults, on my w2k8r2 VM template, but had my 2008 DC open and added the service accounts in the service accounts OU (trying to use least privilege best practices).  I bet this will cause me some pain later, but those are the kinds of things I will need to know.  The host is not a member of the domain, but the client VM is.   I ran the install of the AdventureWorks sample databases that can be found here:   Boy, that was easy.

Every where I look says you should use Windows Authentication rather than SQL or mixed mode only.  Why?  One word: Groups (well, security groups).  If you have lots of users you will want them to also have least privilege, so you have domain Organizational units, Groups, GPO's, and perhaps NTFS layers of security all to look forward too.... well some of them for sure. 

One of my random thoughts here, is how am I going to simulate all of this access and load in the future?  hmmm. 

The vpc version is using a differencing disk, and the darn child disk trips the activation sequence in Windows 2008 every time i over write it.  So, we are probably going to let that one be, use it only for quick tests and concentrate on the HyperV version instead, where the activation NAG doesn't pop up each time you run it.  Anyone ever over come this?  Am I missing something?

Tonight, I have a 2 hour work-out planned and then we shall see about running some SQL backups of the AdventureWorks databases.

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