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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One guy's journey from Normal to Normalized...

Its a new year.  I need to do a couple things:
 a)  Get fit
 b)  Get more SQL knowledge - if I want to be a DBA, I need to BE a DBA
 c)  Get a full time SQL job (well that's the goal)

Each of the above will require daily effort and commitment.  So the blog is to chronicle the daily progress of my journey from normal to normalized.

75% of all statistics are made up off the top of someone's head.  That being said, 90% of acquired knowledge happens because we desire it to happen.

There are books and books and books on MS SQL.  I have a ton of them.  But I come with a small cup to this ocean of information, and seem to get stymied at every turn.  But I wondered if anyone has ever really chronicled their own progress like this, and thought it might be enlightening to do so, for others who start at the ocean as I am without much of a paddle or a plan.

So the goal is to start in 70-432 materials and plow through them, and try to explain some of the white paper style geek-speak into something for normal people.  Wish me luck.  I will need it.


  1. Many folks start blogging for JUST this reason, to chronicle their journey. In addition to books, there are TONS of great resources in the SQL Server Community. First, join SQLPass (free membership) at and follow them on Twitter at

    Additionally there's great sites to learn/interact such as: -

    SQL University -

    Business Intelligence Developer Network -

    Simple Talk (by Redgate) - -

    MidnightDBA (blogs and podcast) -

    Also on Twitter, if you ever have a question use the hashtag of #sqlhelp, you'll get help from experts around the world 24/7. Best of luck in your journey!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am a PASS member and have been attending our WISSUG meetings fairly regularly here in Milwaukee. Hoping to learn enough so as to share something with them and not embarrass myself; but we all have to start somewhere.