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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Already

Can't believe it is May already; or that I haven't posted here since February.  Yikes, and Sorry - looking for a job while working full time at a place that is winding down makes for a very busy schedule.

To date, I have had 15 interviews.  Another tomorrow.   I had 4 with one company and hope for the best.  Looks like I will need it by June 1.

On a good note, I attended SQL Saturday 118, won a book in the raffle on SQL 2012.  I signed up for SQL Saturday 119, but not sure if I can swing it quite yet.  I followed a bunch of the speakers and have read many of their blogs.   I really liked the optimizing TempDB talk - Eddie Wuerch just seemed really comfortable and knowledgeable.  I have already used some of the scripts from "Its a PowerShell Life."   Tim Ford spoke on a day in the life of a DBA and tips for efficiency, and then I noticed I have a book he co-authored on Performance Tuning.

I have been reading Izik Ben-Gan's books on T-SQL Querying and T-SQL Programming; I've got 24 hour SSIS and the thick SSIS book, the 2012 book and Professional Programming in SQL 2008 ... all told 10" of SQL books to read, and that doesn't include the 70-432 textbook. --deep breath--

I shall finish them before fishing season is over.  It opens on Saturday... the kayak is prepared, the milk-crate is loaded and fitted with new pole holders.  Its going to be a great Summer!

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